The Center

The Heart of the Matter

Just inside our sanctuary red doors, is a place bustling with connection, a place centered on restoration, healing, belonging, hope, and love. Togetherness, really.
We aren’t your normal church. Our interface with the greater Tomball community is a welcoming cafe and coffee and juice bar where you can pay forward a meal for someone who can’t afford one. We give our customers the privilege of discovering what they have stumbled into and get to be part of.
We are open 6 days per week feeding the hungry regardless of their ability to pay, and helping people get connected to groups here and to social services in the area that might help them. We offer substance use recovery support, spiritual guidance and human connection. We give presence and carry hope. We are what is historically called a “third space,” a place you can pop in and get involved in meaningful, transformational conversations.
We have come to believe that each of us has something to offer and something to receive when it comes to the building of faith, wisdom, and belief.
We believe our work is to level the playing field, to blur lines between the ones who help and the ones being helped. To offer programs that uplift and dignify the downtrodden, and encourage one another in the work of wholeness, selfhood, relationships to one another, and conscious contact to God for individual and communal healing.

Join a Conversation Circle!

Check out our weekly recurring groups!
Re:Group — is a weekly recovery support circle dedicated to deepening our spiritual connection
through the 12-steps of AA. We believe the insights gained from the recovery process are not only beneficial for those of us with outward addictions to substances, but for all of us with inward addictions to trains of thought, codependency, and all of our other coping mechanisms. We are not only recovering from something, we are recovering something about ourselves that has been true from the beginning. Something we will only understand when we get honest, take a step back, and get a God’s eye view.
Meets Wednesdays at 6:30PM in the Cafe
Men’s Bible Study — Come up the back stairs and join us for fellowship and bible study each week.
Meets Wednesdays at 7:00AM in the Upper Room
Faith Deconstruction — Some of us find ourselves struggling through a shift that is bringing up questions and doubt when it comes to religion. We may or may not be disillusioned with church, but we for sure are facing what seems to be a new and unexpected trajectory in our faith journey. If you are longing for a safe and brave space to deconstruct what we have learned, to find what is blocking our spiritual growth.
Meetings coming soon!
Looking for one-to-one spiritual or sober support?
Connect with Aaron Edwards, Pastor (
Connect with Kelly Hall, Chaplain, Spiritual Director (
If you are interested in booking us to speak or teach at your private or corporate
event, email us at

Social Services

Above all, The Renewal Center (TRC) is a place and community to belong to for spiritual growth and formation.
TRC offers case-by-case social services that include: financial assistance for medical care, once daily free meals at Re:Bar, and shelter-in-place care for our homeless friends during inclement weather.
From time to time, we give opportunities for day labor projects for those willing and able to work- for-hire on a short term basis.
The Renewal Center has a sober living house (TRH – The Renewal House) for women just 20 minutes west of Tomball in Hockley, Texas. Click here to get more information for or apply for residency at TRH.
We are growing in partnership with other organizations to broaden our ability to get people plugged in to services they need. Contact us if you’d like help navigating what is available in our area, or if you have an organization you’d like added to our list of services.
We are an option for serving out community service hours in the city of Tomball (check with your probation officer).
If you are looking for volunteer opportunities or ways you or your organization can give to TRC, contact us here.

About Us

“The Renewal Center feels like an active expression of God’s love for me. It’s a way for me to see an unlimited amount of God expressing Himself through people. And I have the honor of being able to express God’s love right back to people. It’s an unbroken circle of giving and receiving Love.”


Executive Director, Pastor

“The Renewal Center is a direct expression of what happens when we give God creative input into our healing, our passions, and our human-being-ness. I am grateful to have a part in opening for more grace, love, truth, liberation and presence of the Spirit’s movement among us, and I am grateful to receive the gifts of the many who have opened up their hearts and bring their love into this space.”


Human, Director, Chaplain

“My job is more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to work alongside friends that, no doubt, were placed in each other’s lives to be a family, and then having the huge honor of welcoming everyone who comes through our red door to the family table.”


Re:Bar General Manager

“I love being in community, working with my tribe that feels like family, and being loved for being me.”


Head Chef & Chef

“I love getting to participate in such a helping, healing, and loving environment! I am able to live out my purpose each and everyday in Christ.”


The Renewal House Manager, Morning Barista


Afternoon Barista

“I enjoy working at Re:Bar because the food is phenomenal, the atmosphere is acceptance and the mission is LOVE! I work with an excellent staff that have a positive outlook and great personalities! The presence of God can truly be felt in every corner of this place!”


Wait Staff